Executive Coaching

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
– John Quincy Adams

How Can Executive Coaching increase your leadership effectiveness?

Executive Coaching is a confidential process of intrapersonal awareness and expanding or developing leadership skills. It’s tailored to your achieving your goals and maximizing your effectiveness so that you lead with purpose and impact through clarity, presence, and connection. Executive Coaching is about how you see, make connections and act to resolve or solve the right problems. You, your employees and your company benefit.

How does Executive Coaching work?

Initially, we identify issues central to your coaching and leadership goals: you talk, I listen, ask questions and identify relevant data for additional insights. We agree on a coaching action plan. It includes priorities, work milestones, measures (what you commit to create in your leadership), your role, my role, schedule and ways of evaluating outcomes. The timetable is generally 9 to 12 months. Meeting schedule is a mixture of in-person (if in Boston area or otherwise feasible), Skype/Zoom or phone sessions. Emails and followup on relevant resources of value are part of the process.

What value does Executive Coaching provide in a founder’s transition to an effective CEO?

Your leadership development impacts company success! It’s a priority that makes other challenges easier. Shifting the paradigm from founder to CEO involves building off strengths while accelerating developing additional needed skills. The coaching provides a supportive,  pragmatic environment to give a vision life, shift paradigms and acquire tools to walk the talk and take on challenges.

Why is Presence connected to Executive Coaching?

Executive Presence is fueled by your degree of self-awareness at a given time and your nonverbal communication in the way you show up and influence. It’s evident when you operate out of who you are, (values, purpose, strengths etc.) and communicate to connect authentically. You’re aware of what is going on within and around you and sensitive to your impact. Presence inspires trust and engagement — the opposite of reactive behavior.

What value does Executive Coaching provide to leaders at every level?

Executive Coaching enables leaders to close gaps and accelerate leadership effectiveness: whether taking on a new role, tackling new or ongoing challenges in a current role or trying to foster a shared vision of purpose and values linked to business strategy. Some examples include:

  • Understanding your leadership competencies and reactive tendency consequences;
  • Increasing effectiveness relating to others with different social style preferences;
  • Noticing triggers when your self-awareness is offline and you’re in “self-seal;”
  • Not seeing the relevance of feedback you’ve received or acting on it;
  • Increasing communication clarity and connection to build teamwork and engagement;
  • Developing/acting on your leadership purpose and its relationship to the organization.

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