“Making ethics real is
making leadership real”

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Gael O'Brien Leadership Coach

Leadership That Matters Is Important

Successful leaders know that purpose, values, connection and culture — made real by consistent actions — differentiate the brand and build trust and reputation. This is a launching place for Leadership that Matters.

Leadership that Matters elevates the trajectory of culture’s “how we do things” and purpose’s “what we stand for” to take connection and engagement to a pinnacle. Profits follow.

I’m a catalyst for leaders leading with purpose and impact, through clarity, presence and connection so they create engagement transforming their companies’ future.

Boston Executive Coach

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching expands your lens and skills to operate out of a total picture to see and solve or resolve the right problems. It addresses issues specific to your needs including:
Why does Executive Coaching fuel the transition from founder to CEO?
What do leaders at every level gain through Executive Coaching?
How can Executive Coaching impact your presence?

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corporate culture coaching

Culture Coaching

Culture Coaching is tailored to where your organization is – from startup to seasoned company – to where you want to be. It involves a facilitated process of discussions, uncomplicated tools and assessment options, ideas to consider and relevant suggested recommendations and action.

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speech coaching

Speech Coaching

Speech Coaching focuses on the verbal and nonverbal dynamics of your presentation skills so your content and presence create the desired connection and impact. As presence depends on level of self-awareness, this focus also benefits your every-day communication.

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corporate speaking engagements

Speaking Engagements

Creating leadership that matters to you, your team, customers, company, investors and others you impact requires intention, openness, curiosity and the commitment to keep developing. I’ve given speeches to business leaders all over the country talking about effective leadership; sharing ideas, stories and approaches to fuel success, build trust and foster healthy cultures.

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“We don’t see things as they are,
we see things as we are.”
– Anais Nin, Talmud origins

trust across america

Gael O’Brien

Named a “Top 100 Thought Leader” by Trust Across America, I’m an award-winning communicator and seasoned executive, culture and speech coach, professional speaker and  leadership columnist. I’m a catalyst for leaders leading with purpose and impact through clarity, presence and connection so that they create engagement that transforms their companies’ future.

Paul O'Neil - Leading by Example

Leading by Example Makes Change Real

Photo: Treasury Secretary Paul H. O’Neill appears before the House Ways and Means Committee, February 2001. Wikimedia Commons. The pandemic’s challenges escalate pressures on company leadership at every level. Leaders who ask questions, listen and genuinely value employees make it easier for employees to do their best work. The most powerful tool of leadership is leading […]

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Finding Inspiration in a Pandemic

Finding Inspiration in a Pandemic

Inspiration in a crisis comes from vulnerability and resilience. COVID-19 has increased leaders’ challenges in creating more engagement. Finding inspiration in a pandemic is an opportunity for leaders to rally their troops and help each other get through these difficult times. Leaders Reduce Harm What we’re experiencing highlights the importance of community and how we […]

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making ethics real makes leadership real

Making Ethics Real Makes Leadership Real

What is the key to effective leadership? The answer is ethics. However, if this doesn’t seem an easy sell…stay with it. Making ethics real makes leadership real. We’ll look at four ways to bring this home. First, some context. Ethical Failures When ethics isn’t a key driver in an organization, the fallout from ethical lapses […]

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