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U.S. Rep. Richardson’s Dance with Default

The Week in Ethics

U.S. Rep. Richardson’s Dance with Default

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The adage that “it isn’t what happens to you that counts but how you handle it” has a new face in U.S. Rep. Laura Richardson (D-CA). It is a cautionary tale, applicable to leaders in any industry as well as public officials. When one’s reputation is under attack explaining what happened, clarifying misperceptions, admitting errors […]

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Palin’s Power Outage

Thursday, August 6, 2009

You have to wonder if it is becoming more fashionable to be a quitter. We’ve seen CEOs hired as change agents declaring victory after several months  moving on while the company stays in intensive care.  This week  Los Angeles Police Chief Bill Bratton resigned with three years remaining on his contract and U.S. Senator Martinez […]

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Leading by Example Makes Change Real

Photo: Treasury Secretary Paul H. O’Neill appears before the House Ways and Means Committee, February 2001. Wikimedia Commons. The pandemic’s challenges escalate pressures on company leadership at every level. Leaders who ask questions, listen and genuinely value employees make it easier for employees to do their best work. The most powerful tool of leadership is leading […]

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Finding Inspiration in a Pandemic

Inspiration in a crisis comes from vulnerability and resilience. COVID-19 has increased leaders’ challenges in creating more engagement. Finding inspiration in a pandemic is an opportunity for leaders to rally their troops and help each other get through these difficult times. Leaders Reduce Harm What we’re experiencing highlights the importance of community and how we […]

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Making Ethics Real Makes Leadership Real

What is the key to effective leadership? The answer is ethics. However, if this doesn’t seem an easy sell…stay with it. Making ethics real makes leadership real. We’ll look at four ways to bring this home. First, some context. Ethical Failures When ethics isn’t a key driver in an organization, the fallout from ethical lapses […]

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Gael developed a very effective research-based professional development program using creative real-life scenarios to help business coaches better understand when to recognize potential ethical conflicts. Her program energized and enlightened both new and “seasoned” coaches. The event was recognized as the highlight of the year.

Carl Wellenstein
former national board member, Professional Coaches and Mentors Association